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APU Table Tennis Club Makes Clean Sweep in All-Kyushu Championships

Jun 8, 2006

The APU Table Tennis Club (APUTTC) participated in the All-Kyushu Student Table Tennis Championships held in the Prefectural Sport Arena in Kumamoto City from May 19-21. Even though this was their first appearance, APUTTC made a clean sweep in the men's 5th division. Afterwards, they had a match with Fukuoka Institute of Technology (the last ranked team in the 4th division), and a spectacular victory o f 3-1 earned them a place in the division.

On commenting on the championships, representative of APUTTC, MORIWAKI Ryo (APM3) said: "We were most grateful to have the presence of Professor Mariner Wang (the club's advisor) whose guidance and support ensured our success. We would also like to express our deep gratification and appreciation to everyone who supported us to achieve these results. Our next challenge as a team will be to continue on with our training to reach the 3rd division."

APUTTC - http://www.geocities.jp/apu_ttc2006/

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