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Ceremony Held for Students Appointed as 'Cultural Advisors' to Saiki City for AY2007

Jun 4, 2007

On Wednesday, May 30, 2007, an Employment Certificate Presentation Ceremony for students appointed as Cultural Advisors to Saiki City was held in the APU Convention Hall.
APU signed a friendship exchange agreement with Saiki City Tsurumi in July 2003 and with Saiki City Kamae in April 2004. International students are appointed as advisors to deepen children's cross-cultural and global understanding through participation in a Summer School and peace-orientated lessons and nature experience classes in local primary schools.

A relationship of cooperation between Saiki City and APU was formalized on July 2006 after Saiki City amalgamated with Tsurumi and Kamae. Twelve Cultural Advisors were appointed this year.

During the Presentation Ceremony, the Head of the Education Board of the Saiki City Office, Mr. TAKEDA Takahiro presented certificates to the new advisors and assistants, and the 12 students gave short self-introductions and talked about what they hoped to achieve through the program.

The ceremony concluded with all the participants posing for a group photograph.

Over a 12-month period, the educational and cultural support advisors will take part in approximately 10 lessons at primary and junior high schools in Saiki City to deepen international understanding.

Saiki City's Educational and Cultural Support Advisors for AY2007
Nguyen Thanhtu (APM3, Vietnam)
Khiangkwan Kwayotha (APS2, Thai)
Pathum Iresha Dias (APS2, Sri Lanka)
Subasinghe Isuru (APS4, Sri Lanka)
Subedi Dilip Badu (APS1, Nepal)
Wang Fang (GSM1, China)
Park Kwan Su (APS3, Korea)
Asep Deddy Dermawan (APS3, Indonesia)
Regina Jessica Widjanarko (APM2, Indonesia)
Gita Pramudita Prabhandhari (APS3, Indonesia)
Tek juliana Cherobon (GSA1, Kenya)
Mohammad Haj Mohamad (APS2, Syria)

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