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The AY2007 Spring Semester Award Ceremony for Student Information and Language Assistants

Jul 23, 2007

The '2007 Spring Conferral Ceremony for Information Student Assistants (SAs) and Library Assistants (LAs)' was held at the APU Convention Hall on Wednesday, July 18, 2007.

The ceremony was held to recognize and present appreciation certificates to 8 Student Assistants and 2 Language Assistants who are planning to graduate this September, 2007.

Within the university, Information System Assistants are known as Information 'SAs'. Their primary job is to help resolve technical problems in the Information Processing facilities. Library Assistants are referred to as' LAs' and their main job is to support study and research within the APU library.

After the ceremony, Ankur Deep Bhatia (APM4, India) said, "As a Student Assistant I not only developed technical skills but made a lot of friends in the process. The other SAs were kind of like family to me. SATYENDRA Asmita (GSAM2, India) said, "As a Library Assistant you need to instruct fellow students. I was rather hesitant about this at first but I have been able to separate private from work and have been enforcing the library rules with more confidence. I am happy that I have learnt to work under pressure and manage what little time I may have efficiently. I have personally gained a lot from this role."

Upon graduation, the assistants will be able to draw on the valuable experiences they gained and hopefully contribute to the betterment of society.

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