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2007 Fall Semester AP House Welcome Ceremony

Oct 5, 2007

On Friday 28th September 2007, a welcome ceremony took place in the Millennium Hall for all the new students who moved into AP House this fall.More than 500 new boarding students and Resident Assistants (RAs) attended the event and the ceremony opened with a performance by the APU Wind Orchestra.

To begin with, Vice President Yakushiji made this appeal to the new boarding students, "Through your experiences in AP House and its in-house education programs, we hope that you can help each other develop personally, learn to think independently, and fully manifest your potential as students. The friends you make here will be a treasure in your future."

This was followed by a speech from JIN Yanwei (APM1, China), who spoke on behalf of the new boarders of AP House, "Living together with students from a wide variety of countries and regions will enable us to broaden our knowledge. It is the first time for many of us to live alone so far away from our families, but all the students are very friendly and it is fun to live together. When I went to the kitchen there was a student there that I hadn't spoken to before, and he said to me "Here, try some" and just offered me some of his curry! I'm widening my circle of friends by socialising and chatting with other students that I don't know in the lobby too. Dormitory life is only for one year, but it will be exciting to have the chance to learn about so many foreign countries and regions in just one year".

Greetings from House Master Fukui and an introduction of the RA's brought the ceremony to an end, but the festivities continued in the APU cafeteria with a "Welcome Dinner" hosted by President Cassim, where the new boarders of AP House got to know each other and started to make friends.

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