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Fund-Raising Activities for the Great Sichuan Earthquake

May 19, 2008

The APU Great Sichuan Earthquake Support Committee held fund-raising activities on campus on Friday 16th May, 2008.

The devastating magnitude-7.8 earthquake struck Sichuan on Monday 12th May, claiming at least 19,500 lives and injuring more than 100,000 people. Numerous homes were destroyed, and there is a pressing need to provide relief supplies such as water, food and tents to the area.

Currently 522 Chinese students are studying at APU. Shook by the loss of precious lives and the extensive damage in China, a group of mainly Chinese APU students organized the APU Great Sichuan Earthquake Support Committee and decided to hold fund-raising activities to assist in the earliest possible reconstruction of the stricken areas.

LU Fan (APM4, China), a representative of the APU Great Sichuan Earthquake Support Committee commented on the group's fundraising efforts:
"On the very day of the earthquake, many Chinese APU students suggested voluntary earthquake relief activities, and the committee was immediately organized. When I saw the news reporting the relief efforts, I really appreciated that many countries were assisting Sichuan. I hope the donations that we receive from many people will help in buying relief supplies and reconstructing schools where young future leaders study."

The committee continues their activities on and off campus.

The detailed schedule for their recent activities is follows:
Saturday 17th May 11am-5pm JR Beppu Station
Sunday 18th May 11am-5pm JR Beppu Station
Monday 19th May 10am-5pm APU Cafeteria

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