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Workshop for Multicultural Camp Leaders

May 20, 2008

Training for leaders of the upcoming 'Multicultural Camp' was held over two-days at AP House and 'OJIKA' (Beppu City Private Nature House for Young People) on Saturday, May 10th and Sunday, May 11th. A total of 17 students including 8 international students took part in the event.More than 40% of the APU student body hails from 81 different countries and regions around the world. Therefore, within this multicultural context, APU initiates various opportunities for students to partake in international exchange and improve their cross-cultural communication skills. Students' knowledge pertaining to the culture and traditions of many nations is enhanced through a wide range of activities, classes and everyday student life.

The 'Multicultural Camp' which aims to 1) Foster exchange between domestic and international students, 2) Enhance cross-cultural understanding and 3) Strengthen student leadership skills, self-esteem and initiative, has been carried out since the 2004 academic year. Every year, approximately 100 domestic and international students participate in this overnight camp. The student camp leaders take the reins in organizing and executing the Multicultural Camp.

To provide student leaders with the necessary skills to put on a successful camp, two specialists gave presentations on topics like leading effective group discussions and safety management. The workshops were also a good opportunity for the students to get to know the other camp leaders and to understand what it is to be a 'leader'.

One of the participants Mr. PAIGE Thomas (APS3, USA) said "I am interested in being a camp leader to further develop my leadership skills, and teach others as much as I possibly can about African American culture, and also to help other students who may otherwise be too shy to communicate with others, communicate better. I learned a lot through the training session, including how to motivate others and bring out their qualities."

Ms. NUGROHO Katarina Marsha Utama (APM2, Indonasia) added "I want to train myself to be a global talented leader who is able to communicate effectively with diverse groups of people from various parts of the world. That's why I applied for the training session for camp leaders. Although the session was short, I learned how to facilitate something or take care of the participants in various situations, respecting for the teamwork with people who have different personalities. Through the session, I cultivated wonderful friendships."

This year's 'Multicultural Camp' will run from Saturday, June 28th to Sunday June 29th.

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