Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University



Career Seminar on Work for International Cooperation

May 27, 2008

The chief editor of The International Development Journal inc, Mr. KUSAKA Motoi gave the lecture about the work for international cooperation on 16th May 2008 at APU.The theme of the lecture was "Work on-site for International Cooperation". Mr. KUSAKA described the work and the recruitment system of domestic and worldwide international cooperation agencies and development-related consulting firms. He remarked what kind of talents or qualifies are required to work for them respectively. In addition, he introduced people who work for advance international cooperation and their personal career. The lecture was fruitful to know not only the work for international cooperation but how to design the carrier plan.

At the end of the lecture, Mr.KUSAKA said, "Think about what you want to do and what you can do concretely. Then, you should make an action plan for reaching your final goal and just do it after thinking about how long it takes and what kind of thing you can do for that." He gave the message to the APU students "It is important to make yourselves involved in society actively, communicate with many people and acquire a chance".

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