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Multicultural Business Communication Lecture

Jun 17, 2008

On Wednesday, June 11th, a Multicultural Business Communication Lecture conducted in both Japanese and English was held at APU, attended by many students from 4 countries and regions.TAKANO Kenji, Professor of APU Education Development Study Support Center, was the speaker of this lecture. Professor Takano spent most of his career in the international field. He assumed Chairman and Managing Director of NEC Europe, Managing Director of NEC Italia, Corporate Marketing Manager of NEC America Inc. and so on. He assumed the current post this April when the APU Education Development Study Support Center was launched with the aim of enriching students' studies, social ability and life at APU and to develop efficient people in society.

Professor TAKANO offered the lecture with his personal experience and instructions, saying, "In business, it is required to have a will as well as knowledge and passion.
Your will allows you to set the direction you want your business to go in. Especially if you work for a multinational corporation or multicultural business environment, you must become increasingly aware of global standards and realize the fact that there are many different cultures and values in the world which differ from your own".

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