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APU student attends HOSHINO DREAMS PROJECT Internship

Jul 1, 2008

KOJIMA Michihiro (APM3, Japan) was selected as an intern for the inaugural HOSHINO DREAMS PROJECT, an internship program sponsored by Japan National Baseball Team Manager Mr. HOSHINO Senichi. Mr. KOJIMA is currently doing work experience with a minor league baseball team in the United States.

The HOSHINO DREAMS PROJECT was formed in answer to Mr. HOSHINO's enthusiasm to start a project that encouraged 'the youths of today to have dreams.' The project gets youths passionate about sports doing internships in baseball and other sporting organizations, the aim of which is the nurturing of people talented in the area of sports management. It is hoped this knowledge will then be used in not just the sporting industry, but returned to society through a wide range of fields.

4 youths, including Mr. KOJIMA, were selected as members of the inaugural program, participating in internships with professional baseball teams in Canada and the US. In addition to experiencing a wide range of work, including the sale of goods and tickets and preparing the stadium for games, interns are also learning about different approaches to sports management.

Mr. KOJIMA is doing his internship with the Tri-City Dust Devils, a Class A team in the Northwest League of the American Minor League. He will be doing a home-stay for the duration of the 7 week internship at the team's home stadium in Pasco, Washington.

KOJIMA sent the following message from Washington.

"While pursuing my studies at APU I have also been involved with administrative work and interpreting for the Oita-based volleyball team, the Oita Miyoshi WEISSE ADLERs. I applied for the HOSHINO DREAMS PROJECT because I saw the opportunity that doing an internship with an American Minor League baseball team would give me in terms of contributing to and learning about team management. It also appealed to me because I would get on the job training in the US, where Sports Management has developed as an academic field. Sports management has, through such areas as management and public relations, helped turn the sports industry into a business and contribute to its growth and development.

The team I am doing my internship with, the Tri-City Dust Devils, is the baseball team in a town with a population of only about 100,000 people. Despite this the team has a lot of fans who take themselves to the stadium to cheer on their local team at every opportunity. I have seen for myself how much a part of life the Dust Devils have become to their town. Turn on the TV and you will see numerous sports channels, including of course Major League baseball, but also a university baseball channel and channels for a variety of other sports as well. I have realized just how much sports is embedded into the daily lives of the people.

During the seven week internship I hope to absorb a lot of information about ticket sales and how to make opportunities for players to meet and communicate with fans etc. After returning to Japan I hope I can use even a small amount of my newly acquired knowledge in contributing to the management of the Oita Miyoshi WEISSE ADLERs. I am very thankful for this opportunity and am actively trying to learn about as much as I can during my stay.”

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