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Professor Peter Mantello presents "Child Soldiers – Forced to be Cruel!" a photography exhibition

Sep 9, 2008

Professor Peter Mantello presents "Child Soldiers – Forced to be Cruel!" a photography exhibition at the Bundeskunsthalle Museum in Bonn, Germany. Sept.23 - Nov.5, 2008.Peter Mantello an APU' professor of New Media joins ten internationally recognized photographers in an exhibition of Child Soldiers from five war torn regions around the globe. Entitled "Child Soldiers- Forced to Be Cruel" the event is a world first and will be held at the Bundeskunsthalle Museum which recently exhibited "Temple Treasures of a Sacred Mountain Daigo-ji -The Secret Buddhism in Japan".

The exhibition features emotionally-charged photos of Child Soldiers in Sudan, Columbia, Congo, Liberia, Burma, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and Nepal. Exhibition curator Peter Mantello assembled a wide range of internationally-renown photographers for this project. Moreover, Professor Mantello's own photographs of Burma are featured along with some of today's leading talents in the field, including the British photographer Tim Hetherington who recently was awarded the World Press Photo prize.

The exhibition moves to the United Nations in New York City in November, where Professor Mantello will speak to the assembly during a final resolution on the banning of Child Soldiers. Later in January, the exhibition moves to the Powerhouse Gallery in Brookyln, in conjunction with the launch of the book Child Soldiers which is edited by Leora Khan. http://www.powerhousebooks.com/author/896

The exhibition is a co-operation between the Foundation for International Dialogue of the Savings Bank in Bonn and Deutsche Welle.

In 2007, APU professor, Peter Mantello worked with Andrea Corr on the music video Shame On You which was produced by Warner Music UK and engineered by Bono of U2.

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