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Lesotho Ambassador to Japan Visits APU

Sep 11, 2008

On Thursday September 11, the Lesotho Ambassador to Japan His Excellency Mr. Mokhele LIKATE visited APU and engaged in talks with APU President Monte CASSIM.

The Lesotho Ambassador praised APU and said "APU is a very international university. It's quite an achievement in just 8 years. I hope that more students from Africa can study at APU in the future". To which President CASSIM replied "We currently have 66 students from Africa and we hope to have students from Lesotho in the future. Let's work towards a mutually beneficial partnership in the future" and described some of the available scholarships.

2 African International students also attended and listened intently to what Ambassador LIKATE had to say.

The Kingdom of Lesotho is situated next to South Africa and gained its independence from Great Britain in 1966. The Embassy of the Kingdom of Lesotho to Japan was established in 2006.

It is expected that a friendly relationship between APU and the Kingdom of Lesotho can be forged in the future.

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