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APU Graduate Employed by Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. gives a message to the current APU students

Nov 4, 2008

On Friday October 17, 2008, APU graduate ZHU Yi (2005 spring graduate, Mitsui Chemicals, Inc., Performance Materials Business Sector, Packaging & Engineering Materials Div., Industrial Materials Dept.) visited the APU campus and came in the role of a lecturer for the Career Development Lecture "Occupational Awareness and Career Development" lecture. Mr. ZHU Yi gave a message to the current students.
"Current students of APU; through my part time job and, of course, on campus, I was able to get to know many people. It has been 8 years since I came to Japan but this APU where I spent 4 years has indeed become my second home. I always make a point of returning to APU once a year.

I choose to seek employment in Japanese business which has a characteristic I can relate to of observing peoples qualities and then slowly, but surely, nurturing them into human resources. I was able to gain employment at the company I currently work for. At APU I belonged to the College of Asia Pacific Management and studied such areas as marketing and business strategy, and accounting and business theory. It taught me the importance of grasping the full picture of an undertaking. Also, the international sense I gained in the multicultural environment of APU has proved very helpful in my current work place which is developing globally not only in Japan and China, but in the South East Asian region.

To the current students who will be seeking employment in the days to come; during your 4 years of university life, please hold strongly on to your goals and think of this time as a chance to think about your future. Decide on which business or industry is suitable for you and build a plan for your future. Also, make your student life one without regrets".

Mr. ZHU Yi currently is engaged in business activities based in Japan, China and South East Asia in the section which handles paints used on digital cameras, cellular phones, and vehicles at Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.

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