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APU graduate employed at MITSUI & CO., LTD. gives a message to current students

Nov 10, 2008

TANAKA Kazuki, a student when APU was in its second year and currently employed by MITSUI & CO., LTD. gave a message to current students."Looking back on my university days, I find that there are two things one can get at APU which are hard to get elsewhere. 1st, is an environment infused with different values and one wherein these differences and different cultures co-exist with mutual recognition. 2nd is that there are places where one can put into practice things based on one's revelations and thoughts.

When I was a 3rd year student I came across water spinach, a vegetable widely loved throughout Asia. My friends and I set up a trade circle aiming to make water spinach a familiar vegetable in Japan as well. One day, at a meeting to consider the supplier, a Thai group member called up the Bangkok Municipal Office right then and there on his cell phone and as quick as a flash, he was introduced to a Thai farmer and they started bargaining. This was one of the things I experienced at APU. That was the moment I realized that, although small, there is a 'global network' at APU.

When it came to job hunting, I wanted a job where I could make new structures in society and to make a big impact on it so I took up a position at MITSUI & CO., LTD., a major trading house. There are great people at MITSUI & CO., LTD. My job in the corporate division is to handle international commodities such as coffee and cocoa supplied by our vast network.

To current students: please make the most of your student activities and take on challenges which are only available at APU – a campus brimming with possibility. I hope you all do well in your activities as you progress."

TANAKA Kazuki visited the APU campus for the Career Development Lecture "Occupational Awareness and Career Development". During his time as a student he established the trade circle "Forte" and worked as its representative. The circle was actively involved in trade. Water spinach has now in fact been included into the cafeteria's limited menu and the students and staff who know water spinach are very pleased.

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