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AED Training held for APU staff

Nov 11, 2008

On Thursday November 6, 2008, an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) training seminar was held for APU staff.

The AED seminar welcomed members of the Beppu City Fire Department as trainers and the 9 participants learned about the AED and the importance of its life saving techniques. Afterwards they split into groups and experienced giving CPR to a disconnected AED unit.

One of the participants spoke of their impressions "In the future, if I ever encounter an emergency situation, I want to be proactive and provide emergency medical care until the ambulance arrives on the scene and not just stand around looking and doing nothing. I realized the importance of the link between life saving techniques and the people around us."

Today, the importance of installing an AED has become firmly established widely in society and the equipping of places where people concentrate with AEDs is progressing rapidly, starting with public buildings.
Given these circumstances, additional AEDs are planned at APU. APU hopes to further increase the amount of staff who can use an AED and further AED training seminars are planned for Thursday November 20 and Friday 21.

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