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Students entering in April 2020

Update history

March 27, 2020: Change: Students Affected by Government Entry Bans

March 27, 2020: Addition: Moving in to AP House/Downtown Beppu

March 25, 2020: Change: AP House Move-in

March 25, 2020: Change: New Student Orientation

March 25, 2020: Addition: Language Placement Test

March 25, 2020: Addition: Classes

March 25, 2020: Change: Moving in to AP House

March 24, 2020: Change: Overseas Travel & Health Management

March 17, 2020: Addition: Moving in to AP House (how to register for International Student Arrival Assistance)

March 13, 2020: Change: New student orientation end date

March 13, 2020: Addition: JASSO Scholarship (Grant-Type・Loan-Based)

March 11, 2020: All information has been updated.

March 9, 2020: None


Suspension of the March 2020 Graduation and April 2020 Entrance Ceremonies 

Enrollment, Orientation, Move-in, and Other Schedules

In consideration of the continuing spread of the novel coronavirus and associated COVID-19 around the world, the university has made the following changes to the dates for AP House move-in, new student orientation, and the start of classes.

Original schedule Revised schedule
New Student Orientation Mon., Mar. 30 – Tue., Apr. 7 Thu., Apr. 9 – Tue., Apr. 21
*All sessions will be offered online.
*Language placement tests will take place Thu., Apr. 9 online.
AY 2020 Spring Semester Course Registration Schedule Mon., Apr. 6 – Tue., Apr. 7 Thu., Apr. 16 10:00 – Fri., Apr. 17 12:00
Start of Classes Wed., Apr. 8 Wed., Apr. 22
AP House Move-in Wed., Mar. 25 – Fri., Mar. 27 Sat., Jun. 13 – Sun., Jun. 14 *tentative
Language Placement Test

We are currently making arrangements to hold the placement test online on April 9. More details regarding the placement test will be announced later this week. While you must have an internet connection to take the test, the test will involve inputting text; a computer (not a smartphone or tablet) will be necessary.


Classes will start on Wednesday, April 22. The university is currently making preparations to hold classes online from April through May. More details regarding online classes, how to access them, as well as recommended browsers and devices for attending the online classes will be announced in the coming days. Students who come to Japan from next week onwards will also attend classes online from AP House or their intended place of residence.

Cancelled events related to newly enrolled students
  • April 2020 Entrance Ceremony (Originally scheduled for April 1)
  • Pre-APU Camp, ACCESS (Participants will be contacted directly regarding further details of this cancellation)
  • Campus tours scheduled for the families of new APU students (Originally scheduled for March 31)

Students Affected by Government Entry Bans

The Government of Japan has restricted entry to Japan from multiple areas. See the following website for a list of affected countries or regions.
Information related to New Coronavirus Infection (COVID-19) from Immigration Services Agency

Additionally, the Government of Japan has placed quarantine requirements on all people entering Japan who have visited any areas subject to strengthened quarantine. See the following website for a list of affected countries and regions, as well as additional information.
Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare Q&A

The Admissions Office (International) has contacted newly admitted students who may be affected by these restrictions. For other situations not covered in the information above, or for any other questions or concerns regarding entering Japan, please contact the Admissions Office (International).

Overseas Travel & Health Management

New enrollees must document their temperature and health for two weeks once they arrive in Beppu. New enrollees living in AP House 1, 2, or 4 will receive further information when moving in; new enrollees not living in AP House will receive further information separately.
New enrollees were originally requested to use the Health Check Sheet to chart their temperature two-weeks prior to coming to Beppu, however, we now require new students to use the Temperature & Condition Record Sheet to monitor their temperature and any changes in their health for the 2-week period after arriving in Beppu.
New enrollees are encouraged to continue to use the Health Check Sheet to document their temperature as there are cases where individuals who hadn’t been feeling well prior to coming to Beppu (individuals with a fever, extreme fatigue, cold-like symptoms, etc.) may be asked to submit it to a health care center, medical institution, or university. Please continue to monitor your health closely by filling in the Health Check Sheet.
Temperature & condition record sheet Form available here.

If you experience any of the symptoms listed below, consult with a health care center in the area where you live, receive treatment from a medical institution, and come to APU once you have fully recovered. When seeking treatment at a medical institution, be sure to call first, and wear a face mask when outside your home.

  1. 1) Fever of 37.5 degrees or more
  2. 2) Cold-like symptoms such as a runny nose, cough, or sore throat
  3. 3) Severe fatigue or shortness of breath (difficulty breathing)

If your travel to Beppu will be delayed because of these or other symptoms, please contact the appropriate office below:

  • Domestic students: Admissions Office (Domestic)
  • International students: Admissions Office (International)
  • Exchange Students: Academic Office

If you experience any of the symptoms below after arriving in Beppu, contact the Health Clinic and follow their instructions. (APU Health Clinic: booking@apu.ac.jp)
While experiencing symptoms, stay in AP House or at home, and do not leave to take part in guidance sessions or other events.

  1. 1) Fever of 37.5 degrees or more
  2. 2) Cold-like symptoms such as a runny nose, cough, or sore throat
  3. 3) Severe fatigue or shortness of breath (difficulty breathing)

Moving in to AP House/Downtown Beppu

The AP House move-in day schedule has been changed as shown below. In addition, incoming international students who are already scheduled to come to Japan in March or April will still be able to come to APU as planned. If you can change your scheduled April move-in date, we recommend coming to Japan and moving in according to the following schedule. Details will be posted at a later date.

  • Domestic and International Students: Sat., Jun. 13 – Sun., Jun. 14 (2 days) *tentative
  • Exchange Students: Sat., Jun. 13 – Sun., Jun. 14 (2 days) *tentative
  • AP House Move-in Times: 10:00 – 19:00
  • Reception dates for luggage shipped in advance: From Wed., April 1, 2020 until move-in (Luggage already shipped will be accepted)

We advise students who intend to reside in downtown Beppu to try and arrive by June 15th, the first day of 2nd quarter. Students who have already moved to Beppu should attend orientation sessions, placement tests and online classes from their place of residence.

Everyday Preventative Actions

Students are encouraged to wash their hands frequently, gargle, practice cough etiquette, and take other regular measures to prevent infection.
If you experience any cold-like symptoms, try to avoid going out. If you must go out, wear a mask.
Common contributors to the spread of an infectious disease are poor ventilation, spending time in enclosed spaces crowded with people, and being in places where there is a chance of coming into contact with a large number of people. Try to avoid places with poor ventilation, spaces crowded with people, and places where you may encounter large numbers of people.

New Student Health Checkups

New enrollees will be provided information about health checkups during new student orientation.

JASSO Scholarship (Grant-Type・Loan-Based)

Please refer to the Student Office Homepage regarding the information about JASSO Scholarship (Grant-Type・Loan-Based).

http://en.apu.ac.jp/studentsupport/page/content0276.html/ (Available in Japanese only)


Procedures for domestic students entering APU
Admissions Office (Domestic): 0977-78-1120 (Weekdays 09:00-17:00)
AP House Inquiries
AP House Office: ssc_bo@apu.ac.jp
Student life, scholarships, visa matters, or other non-academic issues
Student Office: apustu1@apu.ac.jp