Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University


Study Programs


An overview of the unique undergraduate study options available at the College of Asia Pacific Studies and College of International Management.

College of Asia Pacific Studies (APS)

An overview of the College of Asia Pacific Studies (APS), study options and faculty.

College of International Management (APM)

An overview of the College of International Management (APM), study options and faculty.

Language Education

In addition to English and Japanese, APU offers study options in a range of Asia Pacific languages.

Freshmen Education Programs

APU has developed a range of programs to support first-year students adapt smoothly to life and study at the university level.

Learning Support

An overview of the self-access support available to students studying English or Japanese, and the individual tutoring available for students at the Library Writing Centre.

Exchange Programs

Information for APU students thinking about taking part in study abroad, overseas exchange, or language immersion programs. This section also includes information for students interested in studying at APU as an exchange student.

Our Faculty

Half of the full-time faculty at APU come from overseas, providing a diverse, global perspective.