On Saturday, November 26 and Sunday, November 27, 2011, the AY2011 IAAPS Annual Conference / Asia Pacific Conference was held at APU. This event was jointly hosted by the Ritsumeikan Center for Asia Pacific Studies (RCAPS), the International Association for Asia Pacific Studies (IAAPS), Anthropology of Japan in Japan (AJJ), and the Ritsumeikan Research Center for Sustainability Science (RCS). 

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The 1st IAAPS Annual General Meeting and Annual Conference were held on November 20, 2010 (Sat).

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Call for applications for the 1st Annual Conference, Saturday, 21 November, is now closed. We would like to thank the many people who sent in their applications.

Having agreed to the establishment objectives of the IAAPS, the influential individuals, Dr. Peter Drysdale, Dr. Yoichi Funabashi, Dr. Morihiko Hiramatsu, Dr. Tommy Koh, Dr. Mohan Munasinghe, Dr. Kazuichi Sakamoto, Dr. Amartya Sen, Dr. Jitsuro Terashima and Dr. Ezra F. Vogel have accepted appointment as Honorary Councillors of the IAAPS.
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On July 15, 2010 the IAAPS Inaugural Special Lecture will be held and 2006 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Muhammad Yunus (Managing Director of Grameen Bank) has been invited for the event.
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