How to use RefWorks(Information Management Tool)

*RefWorks will be closing on March 31st, 2019.


RefWorks is a web service that can gather, organize, transmit, and share information, such as research results and other kinds of educational information. Its an internet-based service, so you don't need to update or even install any software, and can access it from anywhere at anytime there is an internet connection! You can do many things, such as the following;

  • ・Organize various kinds of resources and data acquired
  • ・Create various kinds of reference lists/bibliographies
  • ・Share and publish research and educational information with collaborators via groups

Registering for RefWorks

You must register an account, using your "" address, before you can use it.
For more on registering, please refer to this.

Logging in

Use the account name and password you registered with on the log in page.

Gathering information

You can create your own personal database of research lists, papers, etc. with information imported into RefWorks.
You can import data in many ways, such as;

  • ・Direct import (import information straight from various databases)
  • ・Import saved text files
  • ・Import through searches done with Refworks
For more on importing data, please refer to this.

Organizing records (gathered data)

Data gathered (records) through RefWorks can be organized through use of folders. For how to organize your records, please refer to this.

Creating a referenced literature list (bibliography)

You can instantly make and edit a bibliography for your research paper, with data imported to RefWorks.
There are multiple ways you can create a reference list, such as;

  • ・Create quotations/citations
  • ・Create from target record
  • ・Create from Write-N-Cite, etc.
For more on creating bibliographies, please refer to this.

Sharing and publishing data (RefShare)

By using the RefShare function, data imported into RefWorks (records) can be shared as files, and made public. You can also limit access, exhange comments, insert bibliographic information into papers for lessons, etc. It is meant to be a place to share and exchange various kinds of academic information. For more information on using RefShare, please refer to this.


If you have any questions, please refer to the SUNMEDIA RefWorks website FAQ page.

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