Opening Hours

  • Class Days8:30~24:00 Regular Class Timetable
  • Saturdays and Sundays during the term,and days during the break10:00~18:00 Non-Regular Class Timetable
  • Due to maintenance,the Library will be open from 13:00~18:0013:00~24:00 Maintenance day
  • Closed DaysClosed Days

Schedule in April, 2019-March, 2020 (PDF)

Opening Schedule

  Regular Class Timetable Non-Regular Class Timetable Maintenance day
Opening hours 8:30-24:00 10:00-18:00 13:00-24:00
Service counter 8:30-21:15 10:00-18:00 13:00-21:15
Reference counter 11:00-18:00 14:00-17:30
(Except Saturday and Sunday,Only Monday-Friday)
  • (Note)
    Those who are not students, faculty and officers of APU or Ritsumeikan are not eligible to enter to library from 21:15 to 24:00 during class days.

Multimedia rooms Opening Schedule

  Everyday except Wednesday Wednesday
Opening hours 8:30-24:00 10:00-24:00

・Multimedia Room will be closed during the library closure periods in summer and winter breaks,
August 10-15, December 28- January 4.
・On the Maintenance day in the Library, MMR will be open from 8:30.