Apr 2, 2009

RCAPS Seminar Nippon Sheet Glass Company Chairperson Mr. Fujimoto Katsuji (Coming Soon)

RCAPS Seminar will be held on May 11th (Monday)

AY 2009 RCAPS Seminar Co-hosted by GBLP (Global Business Leaders Development Program)

Interested applicants can register on the URL below.

The Nippon Sheet Glass (NSG)Group is a world top class glass maker. Since its establishment in 1918, they have emphasized their "MONOZUKURI" spirit, and have continued to make various products for building, automotive, information technology and glass fiber businesses, through "glass", a material which has become a necessity in our daily lives. In 2006 they made Great Britain's major glass maker Pilkington their wholly owned subsidy. In 2007, their attempt for managing borderless and globally took off making an impact on the Japanese industrial world, with enterprises and human resources overseas, becoming a global company representing Japan. Currently, the group has manufacturing bases in 29 countries and 32,500 employees around the world. Mr. Fujimoto Katsuji Chairperson of the Nippon Sheet Glass Group will be presenting around the following three points in the seminar.

  1. Nippon Glass Sheet that transformed into a global business through M&A
  2. Way of thinking about management, specific to global business.
  3. To convey to the world the merits of Japanese management.

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