Dec 10, 2012

Dr Mamoru HARUNA (Ritsumeikan University) delivers a lecture at an RCAPS Seminar:

On Thursday, December 6, 2012, Dr Mamoru HARUNA, a Professor Emeritus of the Institute of Science & Engineering of Ritsumeikan University, gave an RCAPS Seminar entitled “Planning and Management Methodology for Urban Development based on Systems Approach and Case Studies.”

Dr HARUNA began by explaining the Framework of System Approach to show the relationship between analysis, analytical study and integration. Then he introduced the Process System in Planning Decision, which is mainly based on social and economic indicators, and feedback in order to examine and improve the planning. In terms of the Planning Discussion System, he used a circle model which includes an Information Processing System, a Planning Problem Analysis System and a Planning System to explain how it works. After the initial introduction, Dr HARUNA gave two solution examples about the applications focus on urban planning for local core city (the new Japanese inland depot long-term planning), and traveling decision making (the development of Japanese High Speed Railway). The solutions also contains some sub models such as a stage-wise planning and management process, a financial distribution plan and a Structure of Hybrid Planning Model.

Following the seminar, Dr HARUNA also offered more related materials to the students who have interest in the field. The documents can be downloaded from APU Terminal Instructional Materials, the folder is named “RCAPS Special Seminar and under the index of “qianxp”.

This event was made possible through the invitation of APU CAP Assistant Professor QIAN Xuepeng.

Written by WANG Baixun (GSAD-APS)

Power Point(PDF)


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