Jun 11, 2013

Current Research Seminar: Prof. SALAZAR (APM)

On June 10, 2013, Professor Robert A. C. SALAZAR was invited to deliver a presentation in an RCAPS Current Research Seminar entitled, “Climate Change in the Philippines - More Fun in the Philippines?”

In this seminar, Professor Salazar delivered a presentation concerning his on-going research themes in the climate change in the Philippines. The content of his presentation discussed observable transformations from climate change mitigation to adaptation, and to resilience in the Philippines from national to regional and individual levels encompassing various stakeholders such as the Government and NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations). During this Post-Kyoto Protocol Era, countries like the Philippines are among the top at-risk countries in the world due to its unique geo-political features, which have been greatly influenced by climate change-related issues like flooding and typhoons, among others, and considerable efforts and projects have been conducted relating the disaster risk management to the climate change mitigations that bring positive outcomes within the regions. This again is consistent with the transformation observed in the research of Professor Salazar.

The presentation was followed by a heated Q&A (questions and answers) session with an audience of academic staff members, faculty representatives, and students, from undergraduates to PhD candidates. Insightful comments and questions made the discussion just as intriguing as the presentation, which brought this seminar to a climax.

This seminar was concluded by final remarks from Professor Fellizar, and a final round of applause dedicated to the both presenter and audience.

Written by Mr ZOU, Xiaolong (Edison), PhD Student of GSAD  

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