Jun 13, 2013

Current Research Seminar: Prof. ZHANG (APM)

On June 12th, Professor Wei-Bin ZHANG was invited to deliver an RCAPS Current Research Seminar entitled, “Theory of Complex Systems and Environmental Change.”

Professor Zhang is a productive author of several books and dozens of high quality academic papers. In this presentation, Professor Zhang started by introducing currently existing mathematics theories on economics from a worldwide perspective, and followed by the illustration of systems from linear to complex ones (Chaos, Nonlinear, Synergetic). Due to the profound mathematical nature of Professor Zhang’s research, his presentation did not tackle too many specifics of the modeling principles in order to provide the audience of various disciplines with an easier understanding.

From time to time, Professor Zhang would include some personal stories from throughout his student and academia life, which was quite inspiring for the students. While introducing the models from his book entitled, “Synergetic Economics”, various scenarios and cases were given to explain their applications, showing what was beyond those formulas and dynamic charts. Professor Zhang, as an established researcher and scholar, has spent over 20 years of effort to form a “grand theory” to encompass all the other existing theories. It seems that his efforts and endeavors have paid off, as was indicated by him in the presentation.

During the Q&A session, the audience was actively engaged, posing interesting questions and offering insightful comments, to which Professor Zhang responded with great thoroughness. This seminar was concluded with a big round of applause.

Written by Mr ZOU, Xiaolong (Edison), PhD Student of GSAD  


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