Jun 10, 2009

ex.World Bank Senior Health Specialist, Dr. Eugene Boostrom gives a lecture at a RCAPS Seminar:

On Monday June 8th, a RCAPS sponsored seminar was held at APU.

The seminar welcomed ex.World Bank Senior Health Specialist, Dr. Eugene Boostrom. His lecture was titled, "Health Systems Development, Globalization, Sustainability,and Solar Cooking".

On June 8, RCAPS welcomed Dr. Eugene Boostrom to hold a seminar titled "Health Systems Development, Globalization, Sustainability, and Solar Cooking~ How a UCLA Preventative Medicine Specialist came to live his dreams, work around the world, teach in several languages, promote mid-level health workers and global health communications from within the World Bank, become a Panarchist, and teach both epidemiology and solar cooking for infectious disease control."

Dr. Boostrom is currently a visiting researcher at Meio University Research Institute in Okinawa. His career experiences are many, including working at medical schools and universities, public and private hospitals and clinics, multilateral agencies (World Bank, WHO), bilateral donors (JICA, USAID), international foundations (Aga Khan), consulting firms, professional associations and NGOs. He has covered many fields in the health sector including, medicine and public health, primary health care, human resources for health, project design, management and evaluation, sustainable development and research.
In the seminar Dr. Boostrom discussed many issues concerning health and described the various places he has worked in around the world, the current situations in the countries and the projects and research he was involved with. Dr. Boostrom talked of his work in Guatemala, Egypt and Mozambique, describing them as perhaps the most interesting places he has worked as a public health specialist. His work in Guatemala for example, included training health technicians, in a country where the government was trying to suppress change and in Egypt he lead a rural health program to train doctors of how to become leaders of medical centers etc., he also researched oral rehydration therapy.
Dr. Boostrom also talked of solar cooking, its effectiveness and its widespread use in places like refuge camps in Africa. He now holds workshops in Okinawa on solar cooking.
At the end of the seminar, Dr. Boostrom addressed the graduate students, naming two books on globalization, poverty development, and ethics by Peter Singer, an Australian ethicist, and gave advice on how to obtain a Ph.D or finish a master’s thesis.
The seminar was followed by a brief discussion between the students and Dr. Boostrom, mainly concerning solar cooking and its uses.

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