Jul 5, 2016

Professor KARIYA Takehiko (University of Oxford) will deliver a keynote speech for the AP Conference.

Professor Takehiko Kariya (University of Oxford) will deliver a keynote speech for the 14th Asia Pacific Conference (AP Conference), to be held at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU), Beppu, Japan 5-6 November (Saturday and Sunday), 2016. Professor Kariya is a prominent education sociologist spcialising in university research. The speech title is “Doing Research on Japanese Society in a Global Era”.

Speech Title
Doing Research on Japanese Society in a Global Era

Prof. Takehiko Kariya
Professor in the Sociology of Japanese Society
Nissan Institute of Japanese Studies, University of Oxford

It is apparent that Japanese people research Japanese society and disseminate said research to other Japanese people in Japanese. However, amid the increasing pressures towards globalisation facing universities, what sort of meaning is there in researching Japanese society and disseminating this research outside Japan in foreign languages (mainly English)? I will discuss the issue based on my own research topic, ‘Education and Modernisation Theory’.

Commemorating RCAPS’s 20th anniversary, this year’s AP Conference will invite four world renowned researchers as keynote speakers. The details will be on the RCAPS website. Please look forward to it. For more details, please click here.

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