Sep 5, 2017

5th RCMA Special Lecture

The 5th RCMA Special Lecture will be held on October 4, 2017, on the theme: “Today’s Globalizing Japanese Food Market – how to deal with diversity.” The Lecture will be given by Mr. Takeshi Shinmura, Executive Vice President of GANKO FOOD SERVICE, Co. Ltd., a company that is building a Japanese restaurant chain in Osaka and nationwide.
Dr. Shinmura will talk about GANKO’s efforts toward globalization and diversification in the traditional Japanese cuisine industry including how GANKO is handling the rapid increase in inbound demand and addressing employee internationalization and other human resource issues.

NOTE: The Lecture will be conducted in Japanese only. Please see the Japanese Website for more details.

* Speaker Bio
Mr. Takeshi Shinmura joined GANKO FOOD SERVICE, Co. Ltd. as a part-timer in 1990.
After working his way through the ranks (cooking, sales, human resources, and corporate development), he attained the position of Executive Managing Director in 2003, and his current position of Executive Vice President in 2013.
Mr. Shinmura also holds posts as Visiting Professor at Ritsumeikan University, Visiting Researcher to the Division of Information Technology and Human Factors at AIST, and Committee Member of the Research and Planning Division at the KANSAI Association of Corporate Executives.
Mr. Shinmura earned his PhD at the Graduate School of Systems and Information Engineering at University of Tsukuba, and holds the degree of Doctor of Engineering.

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