Mar 5, 2019

New published book with Routledge by RCAPS Visiting Research Fellow Dr. Kida

Dr. Dani Daigle Kida, a RCAPS Visiting Research Fellow and Beppu Mizobe Gakuen College lecturer, has recently published a book with prestigious British publisher, Routledge. The book, entitled "Local Political Participation in Japan: A Case Study of Oita" is about Japanese political participation based on field work in Oita. Kida is also a member of the RCAPS affiliated Center for Democracy Promotion and an APU Graduate School alumna.

The book explores three main themes: the role local government plays in encouraging citizens to participate in local politics and policy deliberation; why some citizens choose to devote large amounts of time to participate by exploring one prefectural assembly member’s koenkai; and the recent lowering of the voting age and the subsequent high school voter education curriculum, to understand how views of political participation and the government first begin.

Kida concludes the book by comparing Oita with other municipalities in Japan and internationally and makes recommendations on lessons that can be learnt from Oita’s success and how some participatory mechanisms might still be bolstered.

To purchase the book, please click here.

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