Dec 2, 2008

Mr.Philip SALLIS(Director, Geoinformatics Research Centre, Auckland University of Technology)gives a lecture at a RCAPS Seminar:

On Monday Decembr 1, a RCAPS sponsored seminar was held at APU.

The seminar welcomed Mr. Philip SALLIS, Director, Geoinformatics Research Centre, Auckland University of Tech. His lecture was titled " 'Eno-Humanas' - Climate and Environment Models for the Grape Growing and Wine Production Industry"

RCAPS Seminar Series

Prof. Philip SALLIS
Director, Geoinformatics Research Centre, Auckland University of Technology,
Time: Mon. (Dec. 1) 13:00-14:30
Venue: RCAPS Conference Room B. Bldg. 2F

The Geoinformatics Research Centre at AUT was established in August 2007. This talk outlines the activities of the Centre and some of its projects. In particular, it describes the Centre's major project called 'Eno-Humanas', a wireless sensor based architecture for the transmission of real-time data gathered from vineyards in five countries relating to climate and atmosphere, soil and plants for analysis to determine correlative influence factors for grape growing and wine production. The project is also exploring sensory perception data relating to wine taste and other quality measures that can be considered as informative when combined with the precision data from terrestrial sources to produce scenarios of 'what makes a good year for wine'.

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