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Contribution Guidelines

APU Journal of Language Research publishes papers in English and Japanese relating to language and language teaching.

Notes for Contributors (PDF)
APU Journal of Language Research Guidelines (PDF)

Papers should preferably be submitted electronically to RCAPS at aplj*apu.ac.jp, as email attachments. For more information regarding submissions, please see the “Notes for Contributors (PDF)” section in the back of a recent issue of the APLJ or "Contribution Guidelines for APU Journal of Language Research Guidelines (PDF)" above. Note: we have substituted * for @ in the above address to protect against spam mail

The First APLJ Symposium: Enriching Language Education through Collaboration

The first ever APLJ Symposium will be held on Wednesday, May 8th 2019 at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University's (APU) Center for Language Education (CLE). This will be a one-day event, which will include a plenary presentation, two bi-lingual panel sessions showcasing research activity related to language education at APU, and a poster session where new and ongoing research can be shared.

The presentations will be given by current and past APU faculty, but attendance at the event is open to all.
The symposium has three main objectives, which are to:
• share the wide-ranging research interests of language faculty past and present in the CLE at APU;
• plant the seeds for new research articles;
• promote collaboration between the different languages that make up APU's CLE.

We very much look forward to welcoming you to the APLJ Symposium.
The APLJ Symposium Team

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