20th Logo

20th Anniversary Logo Design Competition Screening Results

Best Design Logo Award

  1. The big 0 of the 20th anniversary logo circles the letters C, A, P and S to represent the idea of the harmonious coexistence of the world and Asia Pacific region development.
  2. All letters are connected in order to portray the goal of the Ritsumeikan organisation to connect the Asia Pacific by providing education.
  3. The reflection or shadow behind the letters R, A, P and S emphasises a will to develop society by providing ‘A’sia ‘P’acific’ ‘S’tudies under the name of ‘Ritsumeikan’.
  4. The big letter ‘C’ is placed in a semi-circle inside the big 0 representing the world to signify the meaning of the ‘c’enter that works to promote cooperation in the Asia Pacific Region.

2nd Awards

Name KIM bosunga
Works Description At first, in this logo, I want to describe RCAPS’s whole history from the past to the future. That’s why I put the movie clip in the logo. Universally, “your life is like a movie!” means “your life is quite interesting”. Now I hope RCAPS will become more popular and a top organization in the university. Be like a “successful movie story!” from the past to the future is what I want to describe. Second is about RCAPS’s identity. RCAPS does a lot of things related to research or communication. For example, research meetings and international symposiums. It’s the main work of RCAPS, so I put in the middle of the logo APU’s identity, the clock tower. Behind the book is Earth. It signifies communication with the world through RCAPS. And also it signifies the way to go to the future. Finally, I want to explain the empty book. There’s no words. RCAPS has quite a long history. Maybe there were many problems, or bad things. But we can’t write down again about our past. So the empty book means, “we can write a better story from now on, do RCAPS’ best!”

Name SUDA Hayato
Works Description I want to describe RCAPS 20th Anniversary Logo. The blue line expresses the deep-surging wind in Asia Pacific Studies education, and the windmill symbolizes RCAPS as a wheel in a center of wave. As long as there is the wind, it wheels and develops sustainably. Eventually it generates a new wind (education).

Thank you for the many design applications.
The winning logo will be used widely in the Asia Pacific (AP) Conference, events, publications, and the web site of RCAPS.

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