RCAPS 20th Anniversary Symposium


Time/date: Wednesday, October 12, 2016. 14:15-16:30  4-5th Periods
Venue: H202 Class room
Title: Asia Pacific Studies: Looking Back into the Future
Speakers: [Guest Speaker]
Professor SAKAMOTO Kazuichi (Founding APU President / Founding RCAPS Director)

Professor FELLIZAR Francisco Jr., P (Vice-President, Director, RCAPS)

[Panel Discussants]
Professor YOKOYAMA Kenji (Vice-President)
Professor MANI, A (Former Director, RCAPS)
Professor SATO Yoichiro (Dean, ICRD)
Professor KONDO Yuichi (Dean, Admissions)
Professor SEIKE Kumi (Associate Dean, APS)

※Subject to change.
Language: English and Japanese with interpretation
Abstract: The Ritsumeikan Center for Asia Pacific Studies was established in July 1996 with the aim of developing Asia Pacific Studies and becoming a global hub for the field. This year, RCAPS marks its 20th anniversary. Founding RCAPS Director/Founding APU President Sakamoto will speak at a symposium to mark the occasion. Panel discussants will reflect on the last 20 years and talk about the current challenges facing the field in these changing times. They will address what Asia Pacific Studies is, why it is important, and how it is developing as an academic field. We invite you to join us for the discussion of these issues at the symposium.
Seminar Report / Inquiries: For seminar report, please click here.
Contact: rcaps@apu.ac.jp (APU Research Office)

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