Intellectural Property Seminar


Time/date: Wednesday, October 26, 2016. 13:00-14:30 3rd-4th Period
Venue: RCAPS Conference Room A (Building B, 2nd Floor)
Title: Universal Studios Japan®'s Licensing Activities - Theme Parks and Intellectual Property Rights -
Speakers: USJ Co., Ltd.
Legal Department Deputy Managing Director KITAGUCHI Keisuke
Language: Japanese
Abstract: Universal Studios Japan® operates with content licenses from a variety of content holders, most notably from Universal U.S. and Warner Brothers. Its operating company, USJ Co., Ltd., has entered as a licensee into a number of license contracts to use domestic and foreign content. Within the unique theme park industry, there are not many companies handling such a range of content as licensees.
In this seminar, Mr. Kitaguchi will introduce Universal Studios Japan and its use of varied contents. He will explain practical matters related to licensing contracts for theme parks and also the unique handling of intellectual property rights in the entertainment industry. His talk will include examples from his own experience and will present USJ Co., Ltd.'s perspective as a licensee. It will shed light on the numerous ventures undertaken under the ideal of "bringing you the best of the world" and on the backstage work involved in making customers smile. We hope to see you there.

This seminar is organized by the Regional Collaboration Research Consortium Oita.
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Contact: (APU Research Office)

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