March, 2010

Mar 11, 2010

Oita University will host the “Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration Strategy Development Project (Strategy Development Program) Symposium” as follows.

Additionally, booths will be set up at the symposium featuring panel displays from various schools. APU will also participate in this, and plans to introduce the research activities our Professors are involved in through panel displays and other materials.

We strongly encourage any interested Professors to participate in this event.
*This Symposium will be held in Japanese.

Mar 11, 2010

Oita University’s Office of Intellectual Property will hold the “Security Trade Control Seminar” as follows.

This seminar will feature a lecture from Mr. Ito Masami, who currently serves as Director of the Japan Society for Intellectual Production, Professor at the Innovation Center for Cooperative Research of Gunma University, and Head of the Intellectual Property Strategic Office. Based on the increasingly relevant theme of security trade control, Mr. Ito is scheduled to speak about advancing international industry-academia-government collaborations and technological exchange at the university/technical college level.

This seminar will also be broadcast live to APU through our TV meeting system in RCAPS Conference Room B, so it is possible to participate from here as well. Any professors interested in this seminar are highly encouraged to attend. This seminar will be held in Japanese.

For more detail, please Click Here.(Japanese Only) NB:external link

*The Research Office will make an application for all Professors interested in attending.
*Please contact us below if you want to register.
*Research Office: Matsumoto, ext. 2521,、

Mar 10, 2010

From January 8 until January 20, 2010, fourteen delegates from The Philippines, including mayors and officials from the Department of Interior and Local Government, came to APU for two weeks to participate in the JICA commissioned "Training Course and Seminar for Philippine Municipal Mayors of Clustered Local Government Units (LGU): One Village One Product".

Mar 4, 2010

"realization of affluence" Forum will be held by Kyusyu Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry.

Mar 3, 2010

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