Jul 27, 2011

Prof. OGURO Jun(Ryukoku University) gives an Social Outreach Seminar:

On Thursday, July 14, 2011 a Social Outreach Seminar was held, inviting Professor Jun Oguro from the Faculty of Sociology of Ryukoku University to give a seminar entitled, "Verification of the News Coverage of the Fukushima Nuclear Accident".

The seminar took up the media coverage of the Fukushima nuclear accident and discussed journalism and media today. Professor Ogura also pointed out "the making of a forum (providing a place for discussion)" as one of the functions of journalism, and with his background as a reporter, he involved the students in the seminar, so that the seminar would also become a forum for discussion.

During the Q&A, students asked a variety of questions, such as "Does mass media directly give the public the reports of the government", "Does the media not keep information from the public", "Are there pressures and secret agreements within the press clubs?". The questions covered a wide range of fields including the relationship between the earthquake and the media, the effects of the increased use of Twitter on the mass media, the difference between media in Japan and the US, and a heated discussion was held.


Power Point(PDF)


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