Jun 1, 2012

Mr. LEE Sang-Hoon (Deputy Director, PROCOM) gives a Social Outreach Seminar:

On May 29, 2012, Mr. LEE Sang-Hoon (Deputy Director, PROCOM (Oganisation pour la Promotion de la Communauté Rwandaise, Kigali, Rwanda) was invited to present a Social Outreach Seminar entitled “ODA (Official Development Assistance) vs. ODA (Our Development Alternative)”

MR LEE Sang-Hoon started his presentation by showing pictorially how different countries can be viewed depending on what aspect of them you are considering. His presentation focused on possible causes of poverty in the world, especially in Africa.

Major caused of poverty are conflicts and discrimination. He cited the ethnic conflict which took place in Rwanda in 1994 to explain how conflict could be a great contributor to poverty in the world. He emphasized that anywhere poverty exists, rape, HIV/AIDS, malnutrition, low education, and lack of water or poor quality water are challenges that faced by the people.

On discrimination, he cites his personal experience in Afghanistan where widowed women sat on a floor to beg for alms. He elaborated on traditional practices which stem from longstanding poverty such as early marriages, female circumcision, human sacrifice, and nursing mothers throwing babies into bushes. It was identified from his presentation that even though poverty exists everywhere, the most affected region is Africa.

MR LEE concluded his presentation by mentioning how personally, governments, NGO’s and other developed countries are contributing in different ways to alleviate poverty in the world. For his part, he said that he has established a community nursery school in Rwanda with his wife to support the vulnerable in the society.

This lecture was made possible through the invitation of APS Associate Professor KIMURA Rikio.

Written by Mr AMO Thompson (APU GSAM)


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