Nov 7, 2012

Ms. MURAKAMI Atsuko (Sony Corporation) delivers a Social Outreach Seminar

On November 5, 2012, Ms. MURAKAMI Atsuko (General Manager, Finance Planning Department, Finance Division, Headquarters, Sony Corporation) presented a Social Outreach Seminar entitled "Financial Risk Management in Global Enterprises."

Ms. Murakami started by talking about her career and current duties, and went on to explain how Sony has been affected by and how it has responded to recent world situations, such as fierce competition due to appreciation of yen and catastrophic events such as the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers, the Greek debt crisis, the Great East Japan Earthquake, and the 2011 Thailand floods, all of which greatly impacted the global economy. She also discussed methods used to deal with various financial risks, which are especially important for global companies. 

She stressed that in order for companies to survive, it is essential for them to strengthen their relationships with banks, with which companies maintain an appropriate level of cash and borrow money, and it is also essential to ensure the liquidity of funds, etc., with the management putting an emphasis on cash flow. Furthermore, various tactics of risk management, such as use of insurance, and introduction of payment in dollar terms, if the ratio of the company’s overseas sales is high, to reduce the impact of the strong yen, etc., are becoming more and more important in the increasingly globalized society.

In the Q&A session at the end of the seminar, the audience members asked in depth questions such as why is Sony’s financial center located in London, what are the official language(s) at the company, what is the breakdown of the nationalities of the staff members in the local offices, and also why does Sony still keep having sections for some consumer products which have not so high profit margins.  

Ms. Murakami encouraged the more than 100 students in attendance by saying “challenging spirit and personality are important, but more importantly, powers of perseverance in daily tasks are needed. It is important to study hard and improve basic knowledge and language skills. However, being able to speak English is not enough. Toughness to go anywhere in the world is required. APU students have many opportunities, so do your best.”  

This event was made possible through the invitation of APM Associate Professor Toshitsugu Otake.



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