Nov 9, 2012

Ms. Moriguchi Sakiko (FedEx) delivers a Social Outreach Seminar

On Wednesday, November 7, 2012, Ms. Moriguchi Sakiko, an account executive of Federal Express Japan and a 2005 graduate of APU, delivered a Social Outreach Seminar entitled “A Leading Company in International Airfreight, FedEx -We Live To Deliver –”

Ms. Moriguchi began by describing the basics of logistics. Then she gave a brief introduction to the structure on FedEx Corporation, describing the main business network of FedEx that covers the whole world. She explained how FecEx’s Hub and Spoke System is pivotal for its development of International Airfreight. Then she talked about the business process of FedEx and analyzed FedEx’s competitors. In addition, she spoke about the efficiency of the logistics establishments and facilities of FedEx, such as aircraft, ground installations, packaging & recycling, and processing solutions, which are based on computer technology. At the end of her lecture, Ms. Moriguchi emphasized that the Strengths International Airfreight development strategies of FedEx are focused on Fashion, Healthcare, Cargo Season and the Hubs in the North Pacific.

The lecture concluded with a Q&A session in which both faculty members and students took the opportunity to ask questions and discuss the topic more in depth. Ms. Moriguchi’s lecture was very interesting and a good opportunity for the audience members who are interested in international logistics.

This event was made possible through the invitation of APU MBA Professor Mariner WANG.

Written by Mr. WANG Baixun (APU GSAD)


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