Aug 2, 2013

Ms. Amanda Hindle (Senior Language Editor of Edanz Group Japan) delivers a special seminar:

On July 10th, 2013, Amanda Hindle, senior language editor of Edanz Group Japan, came to APU at the invitation of the APU International Cooperation and Research Division (ICRD) to present a two-part workshop providing advice on writing for academic journals and getting published in them.

After an introduction by ICRD Director and APU Professor Haruo Nakayama, Ms. Hindle began the first part of the workshop, in which she discussed in detail the essential qualities of a well-written article. Ms. Hindle explained a variety of important aspects involved in article writing, such as how to structure an article to have a logical flow of information, how to perform a suitable literature review, how to use footnotes and endnotes, how to incorporate quotes, how to use subheadings, what kinds of things to include in a discussion, and how to write an abstract.

In the second part of the workshop, Ms. Hindle discussed the elements of a submission that are key to increasing the chances of acceptance. Topics discussed included research and publication ethics, how to target a journal appropriate for the submission, how to write a good cover letter, and how to respond to peer review comments.

Ms. Hindle noted that the advice she presented in the workshop was applicable for papers across all of the social sciences. The advice given was very valuable for all APU students intending to write and submit papers to academic journals.

During the Q&A session that followed, the questions from the audience demonstrated that this is a topic of much interest to APU students. Ms. Hindle gave useful and practical advice in response to the student questions.

The video for this presentation will not be uploaded to the ICRD website, but will be available for viewing in the APU Research Office by APU students and faculty. Please contact the Research Office for more information.



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