Dec 21, 2011

Prof. NARUSE Takeshi (JICA/ Professor, Reitaku University) gives a Social Outreach Seminar

On Friday, December 9, 2011, Professor Naruse Takeshi from the Reitaku University (International Exchange and International Cooperation), and Visiting Senior Advisor for JICA, came to APU to give a seminar entitled:

"Japan and the Present Situation of the World and Japan's Role". The seminar covered two main topics; Professor Naruse's perspective of the world, and JICA's outreach activities in Palestine, where he worked as a director general.

Professor Naruse first gave an overview of the problems of wars and famine in the world today, and said that if the 20th century was a century of war, the 21st would be one of the depletion of resources and conflicts of ideologies. He said that in this age, what is necessary is a cross disciplinary approach to solving global problems, rather than different fields independently working to solve problems. Also, in future, Professor Naruse said that what he hopes for is a shift in the concept of happiness, from a "happiness which others envy" to "happiness which makes others happy".

Professor Naruse described JICA's activities in Palestine and the situation of the Middle Eastern countries and their resources, and also introduced a project, "Corridor for Peace and Prosperity" which is being undertaken. He said that for such support activities, first communication between individuals is important and the establishment of trust is necessary. Based on that, Professor Nakase explaind that the development of an independent economy, and strengthening of a local self government can take place and he described projects such as distributing maternal handbooks for building the community’s awareness.

Questions regarding Japan’s international cooperation, awareness of international diplomacy and raise the awareness of the local people were raised during the Q&A and students continued to speak with Professor Naruse after the seminar.

<Reporter: KIKUCHI Aiko, APS 4>

You can download a movie filmed at the end of this seminar from here.


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