Nov 24, 2017

Report on Muslim-Friendly Soy Sauce Project Team Presentation and Tasting Event

APU×Fundokin×Inspire Joint Research Project

At the Tenkusai (school festival) on Saturday, October 28th, 2017, the Fundokin Shoyu×Inspire×APU Joint Research Project Team held an event to report the progress of their joint research and invite people to sample the products the team has been developing - Honey Soy Sauce and Kabosu Citrus Soy Sauce.

Among the attendees of the event were alumni, GCEP* trainees, and Muslim students. The student leader of the project team began the event by presenting on the reasons the project team selected honey and kabosu as the product concepts. The project team then served the attendees nasi goreng and spring rolls made with the each type of soy sauce and asked the attendees for their impressions.

The project team also held a tasting for a general audience in a tent outside. The team served tofu and eggplant with each soy sauce and administered a questionnaire to those who tasted them. Many people gave the project team their cooperation, despite the bad weather caused by the encroaching Typhoon Saola.

The project team will use the feedback from the questionnaire to further improve their Honey Soy Sauce and Kabosu Citrus Soy Sauce products. The team aims to begin domestic sales in spring 2018.

Please see here for more details of the products.

*GCEP Training
A program that brings mature students to APU's multicultural campus to learn the skills required to become global talent.


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