May 16, 2019

New book by Associate Professor Chikako Takanashi

College of Asia Pacific Management (APM) Associate Professor Chikako Takanashi has published a book with Kindai Kagaku Publisher. The book is entitled “Groundbreaking Insights on Digital Platforms: Achieving Innovation in the Manufacturing Industry”.

Comment by Associate Professor Takanashi:
This book was written based on the expertise and experience of both businessmen and academics. The process for writing this book was kick-started at a research conference where experts in respective fields expressed their varying viewpoints and opinions, paving the way for several interesting and deep discussions. Many of these discussions have been incorporated in this book in the hope that they can benefit our society in some way, no matter how insignificant.

There is an abundance of books on the market about IoT and Platform Industrie 4.0. This book is unique in that it approaches the concept of digital platforms from both a software engineering and business management perspective. The first half of the book presents an analytical stance on the present state of affairs concerning digital platforms. The latter half reveals the latest measures adopted by industries and enterprises and concrete examples of how digital platforms are being utilized.

I hope that this book would be of great help and support to businessmen who are unfamiliar with digital software but required to use them at work and software developers who lack understanding in business strategy.

For more information, please refer to the following link: (Japanese Only)


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