Aug 27, 2019

New book by Professors Takeshi Fujimoto and Toshitsugu Otake

College of International Management (APM) Professors Takeshi Fujimoto and Toshitsugu Otake have co-published a book entitled “An international comparison of Global Niche Top Companies” with Koyo Shobo Corporation.

The book analyzes how Global Niche Top Companies in Japan can learn from Germany, which has a large number of such companies. Global Top Niche companies refer to small and medium sized enterprises deemed to have a firm grasp and fundamental understanding of both domestic and global markets while securing a high market share in niche sectors. This book also analyzes the factors (employment, technological advancement, etc.) necessary in an economy to incentivize the start-up of Global Niche Top Companies.

For more information, please see the following link: (Japanese Only)


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