Feb 14, 2012

Mr. SATO Kei(Jurnalist, Studio AfterMode) gives a Social Outreach Seminar

On November 29, 2011, photojournalist, Mr. Kei Sato (Studio AfterMode) was invited to present a Social Outreach Seminar entitled "About the African mine and mineral resources."

Presenting pictures of people in Africa, Mr. Sato emphasized that the realities in Africa are rarely portrayed by the mainstream media. "I, therefore, became a freelance photojournalist. I feel that I might be able to offer an opportunity to change the world by using photographs that can clearly show the realities happening in front of my eyes," Mr. Sato explained, as he expressed his insight into being a photojournalist. Mr. Sato also talked about the prolonged conflicts over the interests surrounding rare metals in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and described some dangerous incidents which occurred near the place where he was staying. He also explained that our lives are interrelated with the events occurring in Africa, citing the examples that rare metals are used in the mobile phones and smart phones that we use, 10 yen coins are made from copper from Zambia, and uranium from the Congo is used to make atomic bombs. Mr. Sato introduced to the students in the audience a quote by Aung San Suu Kyi: "Use your freedom for the people who do not have it," and stressed to them the importance of seeing our daily lives from different angles in every single moment in order to change the world.



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