Jun 25, 2012

Seminar on Acquiring Research Funds from Private Foundations

On June 13, 2012, Shiro Honda, Deputy Secretary General of The Japan Foundation Center held a seminar at APU advising faculty and graduate students on how to acquire research funding from private foundations. The Japan Foundation Center is an organization designed to support the development of foundations which provide grants, awards, scholarships, and other forms of aid to researchers. It also consolidates information about private foundations. Deputy Secretary Honda discussed the present state of these private foundations and the main points to consider when applying to them for research funding. The seminar was divided into lecture and workshop portions. 18 faculty members and 6 graduate students were in attendance. The question and answer session following the lecture was especially lively. Participants asked questions relating to the content of Mr. Honda’s presentation, and also about problems they face on a regular basis. During the workshop, Mr. Honda went over questions that participants had submitted beforehand, and all attendees were invited to exchange their opinions. The International Cooperation and Research Division (Office: Research Office) will continue to strive to support our researchers and their research activities here at APU.


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