Jun 25, 2012

Seminar on Acquiring Grants-in-Aid Funding

On June 20, 2012, Kojima Masayasu, Professor at Kurume University and author of the book Methods and Tips for Acquiring Grants-in-Aid Funding (Yodosha, 2010) held a seminar for APU faculty, entitled “Methods and Tips for Acquiring Grants-in-aid Funding: The Way You Write Makes a Big Difference!” Professor Kojima is the past recipient of 18 Grants-in-Aid awards, and his presentation was based on his own experiences and his thorough knowledge of the Grants-in-Aid system. He shared valuable insights with the 23 APU professors in attendance. In addition to covering the content on the more than 100 slides he prepared for the event, Professor Kojima showed actual examples of successful and unsuccessful Grants-in-Aid applications. He gave many tips on how to best write a Grants-in-Aid application—information that would typically not even be shared between colleagues. In order to establish this month as a time to prepare for the main season of research funding applications in the fall, this seminar was held following the June 13 seminar, entitled “Acquiring Research Funds from Private Foundations”. We will continue to provide assistance to those professors striving to obtain assistance from these two different sources of outside funding.


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