Oct 27, 2008

Dean of International Cooperation and Research Division Visits Palawan

The Dean of the International Cooperation and Research Division, Prof. Dr. Sanga-Ngoie Kazadi, went to to the Philippines in mid-October to visit the Palawan State University (PSU) where he met with the University President, Dr. Teresita L. Salva, and discussed possibilities of future joint research, graduate students and faculty exchange between PSU and APU.
Dr. Salva, together with the Deans of PSU Colleges, gave a warm welcome to Prof. Sanga-Ngoie and positively responded by expressing their interest in pursuing this relationship that would help develop research and the academics of both universities. Prof. Sanga-Ngoie, together with PSU faculty, also visited the Palawan Governor Mario Joel Reyes, who once came to APU as a guest at the East Asia Roundtable in 2007, and the Palawan Council for Sustainable Development (PCSD) to discuss the plans of future joint research with PSU in Palawan and to ask for the possible support of the local government with regards to the research.
The visit proved fruitful in that Governor Reyes gave his full support for the future joint research while PCSD researchers expressed their desire to have an actiove role in the implementation of the future joint research. PSU is the major state university in the pristine island Province of Palawan. Eventually, APU will be conducting a joint research project about land and coastal ecosystems sustainability in Palawan with PCSD and PSU as counterparts in the Philippines. PSU will be the hub of the joint research in Palawan.

Dean of International Cooperation and Research Division visits Silliman University. On October 16, 2008, International Cooperation and Research Division Dean Prof. Dr. Sanga-Ngoie Kazadi and his associate, Dr. Shoko Kobayashi, a Research Fellow from Kyoto University, visited the Silliman University in Dumaguete, Philippines, where they hold a working session with scientists from differents universities in the city. Two lectures were given with the titles "Our Endangered Coastal Ecosystems: an Eco-climatic and Risk Analysis over Eastern Asia using GIS and Remote Sensing" (by Prof. Dr. Sanga-Ngoie) and "GIS and Remote Sensing for Environmetal Analysis" (by Dr. Kobayashi).
The lectures were followed by a lively exchange of comments and ideas and very fruitful discussion. The working session was chaired by Prof. Dr. Angel C. Alcala of Silliman University, and was attended by more than 30 faculty and graduate students from Silliman University and other universities in Dumaguete. During the discussion, the possibility of a joint research and exchange of researchers and students between APU and universities in the Negros Oriental, with Silliman University as a hub, was foreseen, and further contacts recommended.


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