Dec 11, 2008

"Kyushu Environment Cluster Universities - International Environment Business Human Resources Exchange -

"Kyushu Environment Cluster Universities - International Environment Business Human Resources Exchange -

Mass production and mass consumption have come to their limits and we are faced with an environmental crisis. Erosion and abnormal coastal weather phenomenon caused by global warming have increased and also, the effects of environmental pollution can be seen. These effects include: poor air and water quality; the ground pollution; excessive CO2 emissions caused by massive energy consumption; acid rain and photochemical smog in Asia. This has become a big problem for Japan.

Kyushu regional industries have accumulated technological know-how in anti-pollution, energy conservation and environmental recycling to combat these problems. Business development in these fields and international contribution is expected.

However, it is extremely important for small and medium-sized enterprises in the Kyushu region to develop international human resources that are knowledgeable in the culture, business practices, and law of leading countries. A big problem for the international development of environmental business is the inability to secure these human resources.

Given the above conditions, the Kyushu Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry(Energy Conservation Environment Department Environment Measures Division)and the Kyushu Industrial and Recycle Industry Plaza (K-RIP) inquired about the possibility of cooperating with APU to implement the "Human Resources Exchange Meeting between Kyushu region industries and APU students". APU has students from 87 countries all over the world and graduates who are greatly expected to play a role in the international stage.


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