Jan 19, 2009

Asia Pacific Innovation Management Center (AP-IMAC)

Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU) established Asia Pacific innovation Management Center (AP-IMAC) in December 2008 to meet the arising needs of innovation management in local and global, especially Asia.

In present Japan, the needs of Innovation Management (IM) are increasing to strengthen the companies’ competitiveness. Also, even in Asia, countries like Korea and Taiwan where there are hi-tech industries such as semiconductors, etc., China which has become a world factory, Malaysia and Vietnam where Japanese assembly factories are being built, all have various technological levels. Under such a situation, the needs of IM in Asia, which has become the hub of the manufacturing in the world, has risen further in a Global Knowledge-based Society.

Through the establishment of the “Asia Pacific Innovation Management Center(AP-IMAC)" based on previous achievements, the formation of Global Networks will be promoted, resulting in meeting the arising needs of IM in Asia. It is the aims of AP-IMAC to become a leader in Asian Innovation Management education, research, international and regional contributions.

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