Jun 29, 2009

Indonesia Public Policy Training Program held

On Monday, June 17 and Thursday 18, 2009, twenty five Indonesian public officials and university professors took part in training at APU as past of the Indonesia Public Policy Training Program being held by the Ritsumeikan Trust.

The group, in Japan for about 2 weeks from June 7, has been learning about regional development and human resource development mainly at the Ritsumeikan University Kinugasa Campus. During their stay, they have been inspecting municipalities in Kyoto and Fukuoka and participating in a range of training to learn about tourism development and regional industrial revival.

At APU they attended a lecture by Vice President YAMAGAMI Susumu and APS Professor MIYOSHI Koichi under the theme of "Development of International Human Resources". Furthermore at the welcome party, Indonesian APU students also participated in what proved to be an opportunity to hear about their campus life and studies in Japan.

Junior Planner at the Bappenas National Development Planning Agency Mr. Eko Wiji Purwanto spoke of his impressions of APU and the results of the training, "All the students are satisfied and happy to be studying in the beautifully green environment of APU where they can concentrate on their studies. I hope to place the knowledge we gained through this training into the Indonesian context and utilize it in the human resource development of our future leaders.

The pioneering initiatives of APU which has succeeded in the realization of English/Japanese bi-lingual education in a multicultural and multilingual environment, are held in high regard around the world and since its opening in 2000, the university has been accepting trainees from a range of countries.


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