Nov 11, 2009

"Dramatic! Kyushu's Economy in Oita" Announcement" Announcement

The Kyushu Economic Research Center has announced that it will hold the "Dramatic! Kyushu's Economy in Oita", as part of its 60th anniversary.
At the event, the history and strength of Oita’s companies will be displayed through movies, pictures, and chronologies. On November 30, a panel discussion with economists and experts will consider the future of Oita, and also Dr. Jiho Han and APU students will share their impressions of Oita and Beppu’s appeal with an “Oita Tourism Session.” And on December 1, managers of venture companies and students will talk candidly about ways to stimulate Oita’s economy at a Venture Session called “Venture as a Way of Life.”

We hope to see the participation of many faculty members and students.

*Note: This event will be held only in Japanese.

【Oita Tourism Session “The Appeal of Oita and Beppu According to Young Foreigners”】

The host will arrange a bus or taxi van(A maximum of 35 people may register) to take students from APU to the venue.

Please regist from below. Registration

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